About Airlib

Airlib is a software as a service company offering solutions for automotive in-cabin air quality management. Airlib’s mission is to reduce exposure to traffic pollution for more than 1 billion urban dwellers worldwide.

Founded in 2015 by a group of automotive air quality experts, Airlib provides complete software solutions to car OEMs, from air quality data collection, to mapping and recirculation flap control.

Using its patented technology, Airlib creates unparalleled high-resolution air quality maps that are used by car OEMs to outsmart traffic pollution, but also by air quality organizations and app developers, to bring better information to the public and minimize their exposure. Airlib’s platform enables functions such as: “cleaner route recommendations”, personal pollution exposure trackers, exposure comparisons by cities, neighborhoods,  streets or address.

The company is privately held with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

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The team

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Herve Borrel, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Herve founded Airlib in 2015, after 25 years in the automotive, sensors and semiconductors industries. He held senior management positions in several publicly traded companies including Motorola and Haemonetics. He then spent 15 years managing high technology start-ups. Most notably, he was the CEO of Microchemical Systems (now SGX Sensortech) from 1999 to 2008. He grew the company from a start-up with no sales, to a recognized profitable tier 1 supplier to customers such as: BMW, GM, Renault, Volvo, Daimler-Benz, VW, etc.. In 2007, he sold the company to a British industrial group (e2V) and went on to manage their automotive division. Herve then managed the US subsidiaries of Tronics, a French MEMs manufacturer. Herve has broad experience in Air quality sensors and automotive applications and sales.


Paolo Taddonio, Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Paolo is a Software Engineer by training, who joined the banking business as a developer. He had a very successful career, holding several high-level positions where he managed teams of up to 200. He is passionate about information technology and efficient data collection, for fast and sound decision making. He developed over the years a broad understanding of software development and architectures. In 2016 Paolo took the decision to change path and joined Airlib as Chief Technology Officer.


David Henderson, Principal Software Developer

David is a self-taught software developer. He started his software career within the US army where we spent 13 years. Between missions in the middle-east, he got involved in various aspects of operations where he saw ways to improve efficiency and safety with custom software tools. His multidisciplinary competences and his eagerness to learn new skills have been major contributions to Airlib’s platform. David joined the team at the end of 2017.


Stephanie Sims, Finance and Administration

Stephanie Sims is a 2nd generation entrepreneur, speaker and author. After a decade in investment banking and over $5B (BV) of transactions, she worked with a high-tech gas sensor manufacturer in Europe from initial funding through exit to a publicly traded company. Stephanie joined the team in 2017, and brings experience with fundraising for companies in regulated industries like automotive and medical.

Lionel Pafumi, Hardware design

Lionel has 25 years of experience designing electronics solutions for industrial and automotive applications. He has been working with gas sensors for 15 years, including projects dealing with the detection of ozone, VOCs, and Nitrogen dioxide.

Lionel is a high level professional with a rare ability to concentrate not only on design, but also on quality and product validation. Lionel joined Airlib in 2016.


Adam Wen, Business development China

Adam has been working with US and European companies and start-ups for 20 years, developing their business in China. He has a lot of experience dealing with US/European business requirements on one side, and the constraints and complexities of doing business in China on the other side. His experiences include gas sensors, air quality sensors, and dealing with Chinese auto makers. Adam’s in-country knowledge and persistence are exceptional qualities that Airlib can count on. Adam joined the team in 2017 and is based in Beijing, China.

Advisory Board

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