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Actionable air quality data for a healthier urban life

Car Air Quality Sensor
Leveraging the greatest air quality data reservoir in the world, automotive air quality sensors.
Air quality connected service
AIRLIB creates air quality maps with unprecedented resolution in both time and space.

Scalable Worldwide

The cost and complexity of sensor deployment had so far restricted air quality maps to mono-city snapshots.

Airlib collects automotive air quality data in high volume with minimal logistics requirements and at a cost that is orders of magnitude lower than other air quality mapping initiatives. The Airlib solution can be easily implemented in any major city.

Airlib is the only air quality mapping solution that can scale worldwide in a sustainable way. 


It will decrease exposure to pollution for more than a billion residents of large metropolitan areas.

Paris PM 2.5 map Jul 2023
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Based On Real Data 


Airlib maps are based on real road level data, and are therefore superior to air quality maps calculated with low resolution data combined with modelling.

Airlib versus modeled maps.png

Artificial intelligence to help > 1 trillion urban residents breathe better

Large volumes of low-cost data combined with AI is a recipe that worked for making roads safer.

Airlib uses predictive analytics and machine learning to extract essential information from a vast amount of low-cost air quality sensor data.

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