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Outsmart traffic pollution

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High resolution urban air quality maps
for advanced in-cabin air management
Traffic pollution

Traffic pollution varies greatly over short distances. Everyday most of us are exposed to repeated toxic pollution surges in our cars, on our bikes, or as we walk in the city. The effects on our health are devastating.


AIRLIB is a groundbreaking data analytics platform dedicated to urban residents' health.

AIRLIB lets us visualize and understand the pollution around us, with unprecedented detail.

Our health

Knowing where and when the air quality is bad, is a key step towards breathing better. Airlib tells you when not to go out, and recommends healthier routes so you can reduce your exposure to pollution.


Breathe better in your car

Hyperlocal actionable information 

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Map based ​automated air intake to improve cabin air quality  

Geofencing based EV/Eco modes to reduce pollution 

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New connected car features

How does it work?

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